Discover a New Dimension of Romance with Entartica Sea World’s Unique Picnic Lunch

An afternoon like no other awaits you! Imagine a romantic date in the middle of serene lakes and rivers, complete with gourmet food, live music, and unforgettable moments.
This isn’t just another outing, it’s an experience that will stay with you.

Our Beautiful Locations

Why Have Lunch With Us?

Why Entartica Sea World Is Unmatched for Your Perfect Romantic Day Out?

Unique Waterfront Settings

Choose from floating gazebos to yachts and add a dash of magic to your afternoons.
Live Entertainment
Our live singers provide the perfect romantic backdrop, singing tunes that will melt your heart.
Capture Your Moments
Capture Your Moments – With our professional photoshoot services, freeze your beautiful moments in time.
Personalized Decor

Want a fairy-tale setting or a Bollywood theme? Our customized decor will transport you into your own love story.

Why We Are Different?

Fresh Food

Our chefs take pride in cooking fresh and tasty food. We bet you’ll remember the meal as much as the view.

Excellent Service

Our team is always there to make sure you’re happy. Need something? Just ask!

Safety First
Life jackets, safety railings, and expert staff. We make sure you’re safe so you can enjoy without worry.

Spaces Crafted for Romantic lunch picnic

Step Into Your Own Love Story with Entartica

Ready to transform a simple lunch into an epic tale of romance? With our unique waterfront settings, live entertainment, and tailored services, your perfect day is just an enquiry away.


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