Make Teachers' Day and Staff Celebrations
Unforgettable at Entartica!

Looking to plan the perfect Teachers’ Day or a memorable staff farewell? Look no further! Entartica offers an all-in-one package of fun, relaxation, and recognition, tailored just for your educators. Let them unwind in lush gardens, partake in team-building games, and receive well-deserved awards on our grand stage.

Entartica for Your Teachers’ Celebration

Tailored Experiences Just for Teachers
At Entartica, we understand that teachers deserve special treatment. That’s why we’ve designed activities, workshops, and award ceremonies that speak directly to them. Whether it’s a day of relaxation in our lush gardens or an exciting team-building game of Kayak Polo, the focus is on making teachers feel appreciated and celebrated.
Unmatched Facilities and Scenic Locations
What sets us apart is our stunning locations, whether it’s lakeside or riverside. Imagine receiving an award with the sun setting over a lake in the background! Plus, our facilities include everything from grand award stages to leisurely lawns and exciting water sports, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Capture and Cherish the Memories
Memories made at Entartica last a lifetime. With our specially designed water-themed photo booths and professional video recording, every moment is captured perfectly. Teachers will have a memento they can look back on, making their special day unforgettable.

A Wide Range of Fun and Engaging
Activities Awaits

Water Sports Galore
Dive into a world of water fun with activities like Kayak Polo, RC Boating, and Standup Paddle Boat. Challenge your colleagues to a Kayak Race or find hidden treasures underwater. With our range of water sports, you’ll forget all about the classroom for a while.
Team Games for Team Building
Nothing says unity like a good game of Volleyball or Basketball. These games are not just about winning; they’re about building teamwork and camaraderie among teachers. So, pick a sport and let the games begin!
Creative Workshops
After all the physical activities, take a break with our selection of creative workshops specially designed for teachers. Whether it’s a DIY craft session or a short course on a subject of interest, these workshops are both fun and enriching.
Award Functions and Celebrations
At Entartica, we know how to throw a party! We have a dedicated stage for award functions to honor the hard work and dedication of teachers. With a grand stage setup and state-of-the-art sound systems, the award ceremony will be a hit.
Capture the Moments

Don’t forget to capture all the fun moments. We offer photo booths with water-themed setups and professional video recording services to make sure you leave with more than just memories.

Capture the Day in Photos and Videos

Photography and Videography

What’s a celebration without memories to cherish? From customized photo booths to professional video recording, we capture every moment, so your staff can relive this special day for years to come.

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Ensuring a Safe and
Worry-Free Experience

Your staff’s safety is our topmost concern. All activities are supervised and come with proper safety equipment. Plus, we have lifeguards and medical facilities to handle any situation promptly.

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