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Why is Entartica Sea World the Best Choice
for Your School Trip?

Safety First
Our park is guarded by trained professionals. Each activity area is monitored closely to ensure complete safety.
Educational & Fun
Our water recreational park combines learning with fun. Students can learn about marine life, water conservation, and much more through interactive exhibits.
Variety of Activities
From thrilling water slides to calm boating, there’s something here for everyone. Ideal for students of all age groups.
Value for Money
We offer special discounts for school trips, making it budget-friendly without compromising on fun or safety.
Food & Refreshment

With multiple eateries offering a range of foods, no one goes hungry. We have something to suit everyone’s taste.

Dive into Adventure at Our Premier
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Not Just a Water Park, but a
World of Unique Experiences!

Peppa Pig Show
Who doesn’t love Peppa Pig? Here’s your chance to enjoy a special live show featuring Peppa Pig and friends. A must-see for younger students, this show combines entertainment and learning in a fun-packed session.
Pirate Ship Adventure
Students can put on their pirate hats and go on a treasure hunt aboard a pirate ship. Learn teamwork while having fun!
Sand Play Zone
Let the little ones unleash their imagination in our Sand Play Zone. With a variety of molds and tools, students can build anything from sandcastles to unique sculptures. This zone is designed to spark creativity and also help in sensory development.
Boat Parade
Experience the joy of sailing in our uniquely designed boats as part of the Entartica Boat Parade. Float along the lazy river, enjoying the sights and sounds that make our park unique. Ideal for both younger and older students, this activity allows everyone to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Dive into a World of Engaging Activities
Not Just a Splash, It’s a Whole Adventure!

When it comes to keeping kids engaged and happy, Entartica Sea World is your go-to destination. Beyond slides and swimming pools, we offer a range of activities that ensure children don’t just spend the day but make the most of it!

Pontoon Boat
Explore Together

Gather your friends and hop on our Pontoon Boats. Perfect for groups, this ride lets children explore the scenic beauty of our lakefronts and learn about teamwork and coordination.

Aqua Cycle
Pedal and Splash

Who said cycling is a land activity? Our Aqua Cycles are perfect for kids who love to try something different. They can pedal through water while taking part in mini-races and challenges.
Aqua cycle

Young Adventurers Welcome

Let the kids be explorers for a day! Under the guidance of our experienced staff, they can safely navigate through water, learn basic rowing techniques, and appreciate the serenity of nature.

Underwater VR Ride
An Ocean Adventure, Minus the Wet Clothes

Who wouldn’t love to explore the underwater world? Our VR ride lets children experience the wonders of the ocean, making them curious about marine life and conservation.
underwater vr ride
Banana boat ride

Banana Boat Ride
Hold On Tight!

Get ready for laughter and screams as kids try to stay aboard our Banana Boat Rides. Perfect for building teamwork and just having a whole lot of fun!

Yacht Experience
VIP Day Out

Make the children feel special with a short Yacht ride. The kids can play mini-games onboard, making it a luxurious yet engaging experience.
luxury speed boats

Aqua Roller
Walk, Run, Roll!

Unleash the kids in our Aqua Rollers where they can roll across the water’s surface. It’s like defying gravity and is bound to keep them engaged and excited.

Inflatable Volleyball
The Classic Game with a Twist

Children can form teams and engage in a fun-filled match of Inflatable Volleyball. It’s the classic game they love, now in a watery playground!

Aqua Park
More Than Just a Swim

This is a mini-adventure land on water. With multiple obstacles and challenges, the Aqua Park ensures that children stay engaged in diverse activities for hours.

Jet Ski
For the Thrill-Seekers

Let the older kids feel the thrill of speeding on water with our Jet Skis. Safety is our priority, and our trained staff ensure a secure yet exhilarating experience.
water bike ride

Water Bike
Cycle Like Never Before

Kids can race each other or go on a slow, scenic ride. Our Water Bikes are designed to offer both leisure and exercise.

Flyboard Show
Look Up and Be Amazed

End the day by watching our breathtaking Flyboard Show. It’s a spectacle that will leave children amazed and inspired, capping off an unforgettable day.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Age Limit

Minimum age limit is 5 and above.

Health Check
If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor before participating in water activities.
We provide all necessary safety gear for the activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out our inquiry form and our team will get back to you with all the details.
Most activities are open for children above 5, but some adventurous activities may have an age limit of 10 and above.
No, but we offer multiple affordable eateries inside the park.
Yes, we have a range of vegetarian food options available.
Comfortable clothing is recommended. Swimwear is needed for water activities.
Yes, we provide lockers at a nominal fee.
All water activities are supervised by trained lifeguards, and safety gear is provided.
Outside food is not allowed, but we have various food options available inside.
Yes, we have a fully equipped first aid center.
Yes, ample parking space is available.

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