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Why Entartica Sea World is Your Go-to Place
for Waterskiing in India

India’s Largest Water Recreation Brand
As India’s top water recreation brand, we’ve got the experience and quality you’re looking for.
Fantastic Locations
Each of our centers is set by a beautiful lake or river, so you get the best views while you enjoy your water sports.
Safety First
Your safety is our priority. We have top-of-the-line equipment and expert instructors to make sure you have a safe and fun experience.

Discover Entartica Sea World Across India

Attractions & Unique Experiences

Making Your Waterski Experience Unforgettable

Group Waterski
Spend quality time with friends and family while learning a new skill. Special group packages available.
Sunrise Waterski
Enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the lake in the early morning. Perfect for those who love to start their day with adventure and tranquility.
Sunset Waterski
Experience the serenity of the lake during the golden hour. Limited slots, so book early.
Trick Sessions

Take your waterski to the next level with our trick sessions. Learn new stunts and tricks under expert guidance.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Minimum Age
The minimum age for participating in waterski is 12 years
Health Precautions

If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor before participating


Equipment is provided for all activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age is 12 years.
No, all equipment is provided by us.
Yes, all equipment is provided.
Yes, we prioritize your safety and have well-trained staff to assist you.
Knowing how to swim is advisable but not mandatory as we have safety measures in place.
Kindly check with specific centre rules about bringing food and drinks.
Yes, lockers are available for storing your personal items.
Usually, it’s done individually, but the boat can accommodate multiple people taking turns.
Yes, we offer special packages for group events.
If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor before participating.
Yes, a trained instructor will guide you throughout the experience.

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