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From Dine on Water to Romantic Dinner, Entartica Seaworld Offers an Array of Exclusive Water Events and Celebrations!

What We Offer

Birthday Celebration

Yeah! It’s your birthday, and how can we not contribute to making it special?
Host a birthday bash here at Entartica and have ultra fun with your family and friends.

Choose the way you want to celebrate your special day with us:

Couple Date/Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate Your Couple Date/ Anniversary Like Never Before At Entartica

Bachelor's Party

Choose Your Boat and Get the Party Started!

Kitty Parties

Do All The Fun Stuff Along With Your Girls. Get In Today!

Ladies, have you got no space to hang out? We will set the girly vibes for you! Entartica SeaWorld is your place to get together and do all the fun stuff along with your girls. Get in today!

Dine on Water

Join us at Entartica for lovely dinners and breakfasts on water. Make your special moments even more special!

Entartica’s Promise We make sure everything is perfect for you.

Celebrate Your Wedding At Entartica

We Make Your Wedding, A Fairy Tale Experience On The Water!

If you are hunting for the perfect wedding destination, then entartica is ready to cover all your wedding functions from the start till the end of your special wedding day.

Corporate Meetings

We offer everything that can make your corporate event a professional and successful event.

Do Corporate Meetings At Entartica – The Best Corporate Event Venue. Entartica helps you hold engaging and impactful corporate events and have some fun even while being professional.

Corporate Events

Making Professional Corporate Events Fun

We offer everything that will make your corporate events memorable.

Farewell / Fresher's Party

Choose Your Boat for a Splashy Celebration!

College Parties

Unforgettable Fun on the Water!

Group Events

All Aboard for a Day of Unforgettable Fun!

Romantic Dinner

A Date to Remember!

A Journey Across India's Most Stunning
Lakes and Rivers


Experience royal comfort alongside rustic natural beauty.


The luxury of a resort meets the thrill of water rides.


A spot where greenery and watery fun merge.

Patratu, Ranchi

A hidden gem offering an array of water experiences.
Barnala, Punjab
It is your gateway to an extraordinary aquatic experience

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