Entartica's Jetty Dining
Where Every Moment is a Memory

Elevate your romantic dinner by dining on a jetty at Entartica Sea World.

Why Choose Entartica?

Romance at Its Best

Turn Ordinary Into Extraordinary

At Entartica Sea World, we believe that a romantic dinner should be more than just a meal. It should be an unforgettable experience that stays with you. That’s why our “Dine on the Jetty” experience offers you not just good food, but a serene and beautiful atmosphere, adding that extra sparkle to your special moments.

Peace and Privacy

Your Own Private Paradise

In a world full of hustle and bustle, we offer you a slice of peace. Our jetty dining experience ensures that you can focus on each other without the distractions of the outside world. With just the sky above and water around, it’s like having a private island for a night.

No Disturbance

Uninterrupted Moments

When we say private, we mean it. Our staff is trained to offer discreet service that doesn’t disturb your intimate moments. We want you to enjoy your company to the fullest, and we take every step to make sure nothing comes in the way.

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Weddings on Water

Your Fairy Tale Starts Here

Imagine saying ‘I do’ while standing on a jetty, with a backdrop of a mesmerizing lake or river. At Entartica Sea World, we turn this dream into reality. Our team of expert planners work tirelessly to create a wedding atmosphere that’s nothing less than magical. From decor to catering, we’ve got everything covered to make your big day a fairy tale.

Special Occasions

Make Every Event Special

Not just for weddings or romantic dinners, our jetties can be the perfect venue for any celebration. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or even a corporate event, we custom tailor our services to suit the occasion. Our attention to detail ensures that your special day becomes a memory you cherish forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A special dining setup on a jetty where you can have a romantic meal.
Just click on the “Enquire Now” button and our team will get in touch with you.
Yes, all our centres offer the Dine on the Jetty experience.
Safety is our top priority. We have guards and life-saving equipment at all locations.
While it’s popular among couples, anyone can book this for special occasions.
Yes, our team can help you plan a special surprise.
Are vegetarian options available?
You can cancel 48 hours in advance for a full refund.
The pricing varies by location and customization. Please enquire for details.
We have backup plans like tents to make sure your experience isn’t spoiled.

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