Embrace Serenity & Romance on
Entartica's Floating Jetty

Immerse in an unforgettable experience where the water whispers tales of love and celebration.

Discover the Charm of Floating Jetty

Floating Pier, marvels of tranquility and engineering, offer a unique platform suspended on serene waters. Accommodating groups from 2 to 100, these structures provide a versatile venue for various celebrations.

Craft Your Moment of Celebration

Tailor your significant events with our array of offerings. Whether it’s the glow of candlelight reflecting on Floating dock during a romantic dinner, the joy of anniversary toasts, the excitement of a birthday bash, or the heartfelt moments of a proposal, our floating jetties transform your celebrations into cherished memories.

Entartica's Pristine Locations

Each Entartica location is a gateway to tranquility, chosen for its stunning natural beauty.

Elevate Your Floating Jetty Experience
with Entartica

Red Carpet Entries

Pyro Fireworks

Personalized Decorations


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