Ignite the Wave of Fun with Entartica SeaWorld"

Step into the world of aqua-adventures. Partner with India’s largest Water Recreation brand and invest in the future of fun.

Dive into Success with Entartica SeaWorld

Entartica SeaWorld is not just a business, it’s a vision of creating spaces where fun and excitement meet the tranquillity of water. A partnership with us means investing in the vast, untapped potential of India’s water recreation industry.

Here's why you should consider joining hands with us:

 Fun Concepts

We’ve been at the forefront of developing innovative water recreation concepts, setting trends in the industry.

Expanding Network

With an ambitious goal to open 100 centres by 2025, we are rapidly growing our presence across India.

Impressive Footfall

Our existing centres have collectively drawn over 500,000 visitors, illustrating the popularity and potential of our brand.

Potential Venues

With over 1,000 potential water bodies spread across 25+ states in India, the possibilities for expansion are vast and exciting.


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Potential Water bodies
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Choose Your Wave of Investment

Choose an investment option that aligns with your vision and budget. Join the Entartica SeaWorld family and let’s create waves of fun together.

Aqua World (1 cr - 3 cr)

The gateway into the world of Entartica. An affordable entry-point into the business that still promises a wave of thrill and excitement.

Water World (3cr-10cr)

A more extensive setup with an array of water recreation activities. Water World centres are perfect for towns looking for a major tourism boost.

Sea World (10cr-20cr)

Our flagship offering, tailor-made for city landscapes or popular tourist hubs. Sea World promises a full-fledged water amusement park experience.

In all four formats, the franchisee will own the business, and the company will operate the business. Choose from the four franchises mentioned above models and join the club of investors ready to invest in the future and grow together. For more details, get in touch with us and let’s take this discussion forward.

Exploring Waves of Fun: Our Thriving Centres Across India





Patratu, Ranchi

Discover the untapped potential of your location and seize the opportunity to launch your dream partnership today with us!

Be a part of our family

Picture-Perfect Locations for Aquatic Fun

We are open to partnering with a wide range of spaces that can host our exciting water activities. The potential venues could be

Government Lake or Riverfront

A prime location for our centres, allowing for a broad range of water-based activities.

Dams & Reservoirs

Our activities can help to attract tourists, promoting these areas as attractive leisure destinations.

Real Estate Projects

The inclusion of a water recreation park can significantly increase the value and attractiveness of real estate projects.

Hotels and Resorts

An on-site water park could become a key selling point, attracting more visitors and providing an additional source of revenue.

Highways with water bodies

Highways with nearby water bodies are ideal locations for travellers to stop, relax, and have fun.

Shopping Centres

Adding a water recreation park can turn a shopping centre into a complete entertainment hub, driving more footfall.

Join the Tide of Success with Entartica SeaWorld

Ready to create a splash in the world of water recreation? Let’s dive into this exciting journey together. Get in Touch to discuss partnership opportunities.