Do all the fun stuff along with your girls. Get in today!

Kitty Party

Kitty Party

Ladies, have you got no space to hang out? We will set the girly vibes for you! Entartica SeaWorld is your place to get together and do all the fun stuff along with your girls. Get in today!

Beautiful Lake View

Lovely Decoration

Delicious Food Options

Unlimited Rides

Girls’ day out! Sounds fun. Got a secret talk to chit-chat with your friends? We got you! Spend a nice day out in exquisite scenic beauty and share smiles with your best buddies. In your free time, just unwind yourself from daily life; no more kitchen stuff because we gonna serve you everything you would ask for here at Entartica. Enjoy a great package, a great deal with great people.

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Patratu, Ranchi


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