Capture Unforgettable Childhood Moments with Entartica!

Cherish the joy and wonder of your child’s youthful adventures at the scenic Entartica Sea World.

Vibrant Settings for Your Little Adventurer

Our picturesque riverside and lakeside centres are the perfect playgrounds for your child’s unforgettable photoshoot.

Creating Treasured Memories with Entartica

Our stunning waterside settings, exciting attractions, and fun setups offer an unforgettable photoshoot experience for your child and precious memories for you.

Fun Activities

Let your little one set sail on the kids paddle boat, steer the pirate ship, or embark on Peppa Pig’s boat. They can roll around in the aqua roller or the zorbing ball, ensuring their photoshoot is filled with joy and adventure.

Enchanting Setups

Our fun-filled zones, including a toy tent and fairy garden, set the stage for a magical and engaging photoshoot.

With Entartica, Your Child's Happiness
is Our Mission

Child-Friendly Environment
Our photoshoots are designed to be engaging, fun, and comfortable, keeping your child’s needs and moods in mind.
Expert Guidance

Our experienced photographers excel in capturing the natural expressions and lively moments of your child.

Safety First

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority. All our activities and props are designed with maximum safety in mind.

Preserve the Magic of Childhood with Entartica

Capture the joy, wonder, and adventure of your child’s growth with us. Click the button below to book an unforgettable photoshoot for your little one.

Experience the Magic of Childhood Through Our Lens

Witness the delightful moments we’ve captured of children reveling in their playful adventures. See the joy, laughter, and carefree spirit of childhood beautifully encapsulated in our photographs.

Relive the joyous moments of your child's life with Entartica

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