Capture Your Unforgettable Moments at Entartica Sea World!

Relive your cherished moments with our top-notch photography and videography services.

Immerse in Unique Photoshoot Experiences

Our bespoke photoshoot offerings promise an array of unforgettable memories and unique snapshots at Entartica.

Private Photo Session

Get your family dressed up and let our professional photographers capture the most incredible time of your life!

Dinner on a Pontoon Boat

Capture the warmth and joy of a special dinner on the calm waters.

Floating Gazebo

Experience tranquility amidst the lake, creating serene portraits in our floating gazebo.

Sunset Photos

Immortalize the captivating hues of the sunset as they paint the sky behind you.

Boating Photoshoots

Chronicle your exhilarating boating adventures with thrilling snapshots.

Lakeside Leisure

Savour the calm of the lake, creating relaxed and peaceful portraits amidst nature.

Luxury Yacht

Experience luxury on water as you pose aboard our sleek yacht, a perfect backdrop for an elegant photoshoot.

Aquatic Adventure

Embrace the fun of our aqua cycle or zorbing ball for action-filled photos.

Nature Walk

Traverse the green landscapes surrounding our centres, capturing your connection with nature.

Twilight Romance

Allow the soft, ethereal light of twilight to set the mood for a romantic photoshoot.

Cabana Chill

Lounge in our cabanas, capturing candid moments of relaxation and joy.

Jetty Jump

Capture the thrill of leaping off our safe and secure jetty into the refreshing waters.

Premium Quality, Expert Service

Experience the magic of our highest quality photography and videography services, including top-of-the-line equipment, cutting-edge editing and custom print products.
Expert Photographer

Our professional photographers capture your special moments beautifully.

Scenic Locations
Our picturesque locations offer the perfect backdrop for every photo.
Unique Experiences

From boating to floating gazebos, we provide unique experiences for an extraordinary photoshoot.

Safety and Comfort

We prioritize your safety and comfort during the photoshoot, ensuring you enjoy every moment.

Free Private 20-Minute Photo Session

For a limited time, enjoy a FREE private 20-minute photo session at Entartica Sea World. Reserve now and create timeless memories!

Experience Entartica Through Our Lens

Get inspired by our collection of beautiful photos taken at Entartica. See how our guests have created timeless memories with our professional photoshoot service.

Capture your joyous moments at Entartica Sea World, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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