Splash into a World of Joy
Welcome to H2O Play Park, where every ride is a wave of Adventure!

H2O Play Park

H2O Play Park – the aquatic paradise where the rhythm of the waves and the pulse of thrill fuse together. Located in the heart of Entartica Sea World, H2O Play Park is an aquatic wonderland filled with engaging rides and exciting water experiences. It’s the place where fun gets soaked in laughter, and every splash creates a wave of enjoyment!

Get ready to be confused, because each of our rides is a unique adventure in its own right! Bumper boats, aqua rollers, zorbing balls, pedal boats for kids, kayaks, aqua cycles, inflatable cycles – the list of exhilarating attractions goes on.

The Fun Never Ends

Bumper Boat

Experience the thrill of the bumper boat ride. Bump, dodge, and laugh your way around – it’s more fun than you can imagine!

Aqua Roller

Step into our giant aqua roller and walk on water. A playful challenge and an exciting experience rolled into one!

Zorbing Ball

Embrace the fun of rolling around the water in our zorbing ball. A dizzying adventure that’s sure to have you laughing with joy!

Kids Pedal Boat

Perfect for our little guests! The kids pedal boat is safe, fun, and lets your little ones steer their own adventure.


Explore the water in a whole new way with our kayak. An exciting venture that combines fun, fitness, and adventure!

Aqua Cycle

Experience the delightful blend of cycling and boating with our Aqua Cycle. A unique, fun-filled activity that lets you explore the water in a whole new way!

Inflatable Cycle

Our Inflatable Cycle takes water fun to the next level. It’s the perfect ride for those seeking light-hearted excitement and laughter, challenging your balance while ensuring a splash of a time!