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Free BMW Pick & Drop, Full-Day Access
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Get a free BMW pick-up and drop, full-day park access, and more, all in one unforgettable day at Entartica Sea World, Jhanjh Lake, Naya Raipur.

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₹ 7,999/-


₹ 12,999/-


What You Get

One day pass access to all thrilling rides and water adventures at Entartica Sea World.
Chowpatty Snacks
Enjoy tasty local snacks that you can’t resist.
A full meal with various options to pick from.
Unmissable Offer
Book online and get an all-inclusive experience like never before!
Free Luxury Ride
Forget about parking or cabs. Get picked up and dropped off in a luxury car, absolutely FREE!
Full-Day Thrills
Enjoy unlimited access to all our rides and activities for a full day.

Get Your Heart Racing!

Fun for Everyone!


Best Option for Spending a Day
with Your Loved Ones

Why Choose Entartica Sea World for a Special Day?
Quality Time
Nothing is better than having all the fun rides and activities in one place. Spend less time traveling and more time enjoying.
For All Ages
From thrilling rides for adults to fun activities for kids, there’s something for everyone in the family.
Food & Snacks
No need to step out for food. From Chowpatty snacks to a full meal, we’ve got you covered.
Luxury Experience
With BMW car pick-up and drop, make your day extra special and hassle-free.
Natural Beauty
Located by Jhanjh Lake at Mayfair Lake Resort, the setting couldn’t be more beautiful for creating lasting memories.
Flexible Packages
Choose between packages for 2 or 4 people, fitting both smaller and larger groups.

How to Book?

Pick Your Date
Contact our team for a date.
Pick Up
Share your address for BMW car pick-up.


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Where Are We?

Entartica Sea World, Jhanjh Lake, Mayfair Lake Resort Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh
A paradise of fun and adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

One day pass, BMW car transport, snacks, and lunch.
Call our team and give your preferred date.
Yes, tell us at booking if you’re vegetarian or have special needs.
Yes, but there’ll be extra charges for them.
No, food and drinks from outside aren’t allowed.

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