Romantic Dinners, Family Gatherings & More

At Entartica Sea World Every Celebration is a Splash of Fun

Turn your ordinary evenings into extraordinary adventures. From intimate romantic dinners to lively private events, your perfect evening awaits you on the waters of Entartica Sea World.

Why Entartica Sea World is
Your Perfect Destination

India’s Largest Water Recreational Theme Park
Step aboard India’s leading name in water recreation, known for unparalleled quality and service.
Multi-Experience Destinations
It’s not just about boats; it’s about creating unforgettable moments through a range of experiences.
Customized Offerings
We tailor our services to fit your needs, ensuring a unique and personal experience every time.

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What We Offer

Immerse in a Variety of Experiences
Romantic Dinners
Set sail on a romantic journey, complete with gourmet meals and starry skies.
Nighttime Events
As the sun sets, our boats turn into vibrant event spaces with thematic lights and decore.
Private Events
Celebrate your milestones with us. We offer an exclusive space tailored to your event’s needs.
Live Singers
Let live music add soul to your evenings. Our lineup of singers perform a variety of genres.
Capture your special moments with our photogenic locations as your backdrop.
Customized Decore
We bring your vision to life with our décor options, right from thematic to minimalistic styles.

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