Experience the Fun of Aqua Cycling
at Entartica SeaWorld

Dive into an adventure with our Aqua Cycle!

Why Choose Entartica SeaWorld
for Aqua Cycling?

Safe and Fun for All Ages
Aqua Cycles are designed for everyone aged 15 and above. It’s a safe and enjoyable activity for the whole family.
Multiple Locations
Enjoy Aqua Cycling at any of our stunning lakefront and riverfront locations across India.
Easy to Use
Aqua Cycles are simple to operate, making it a stress-free activity for both kids and adults.
Perfect for Groups
With options for two-seater or four-seater cycles, it’s ideal for friends and family to share the experience.
Great for Cooling Off
Enjoy a refreshing ride on the water, perfect for cooling down on a hot day.
Scenic Routes
Pedal through beautiful water routes and take in the scenic views at our parks.

The Aqua Cycle Adventure

Aqua Cycle at Entartica SeaWorld offers a unique way to explore the park’s waterways. Whether you’re with family or friends, our Aqua Cycles provide a memorable and fun experience.
Suitable Age Group
15 years and above
Maximum People per Boat
Time for Activity
15 minutes


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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age for Aqua Cycling is 15 years.
Aqua Cycles can accommodate up to four people.
Each ride lasts for approximately 15 minutes.
Yes, it’s very safe. We provide lifejackets and have strict safety measures in place.
No, children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
No, swimming is not required, but you must wear a lifejacket.
No, eating or drinking is not allowed while riding the Aqua Cycle.
Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet.
Please consult with staff if you have any health concerns.
You can book your ride online or at the park entrance.

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