Turn Your Annual Day into an Epic Adventure
with Entartica Sea World!

A day full of fun, games, and awards—right here at Entartica!

The Ultimate Destination for an
Unforgettable Annual Day!

Scenic Green Garden
Enjoy a walk or relax amidst the natural beauty of our lush garden. It’s the perfect backdrop for a group.
Exclusive Green Lawn for Annual Day
Celebrate your Annual Day on our special, expansive lawn. It’s the perfect setting for your awards function, performances, and group activities. Set up stages, tables, or anything else you need.
Photo and Video Recording
Our professional photographers and videographers will capture your special moments. You just enjoy it!

Annual Day Just Got Competitive
Games to Challenge Your Spirit and Skills!

Kayak Polo Tournament
What’s an Annual Day without a little friendly competition? Grab your paddles and team up with your friends or colleagues for a kayak polo match. Winners get special certificates and bragging rights for the year.
RC Boating Championship
This is perfect for people who love technology and challenges. Turn your Annual Day into a tech fest by navigating your RC boats through complex water routes. It’s fun and competitive—win and add more points to your team’s score.
Traditional Sports Face-off
Volleyball and Basketball matches are classic crowd-pleasers. Organize inter-department or inter-class matches as part of your Annual Day function. Let the best team win!
Aqua Golf Challenge
How about adding a touch of luxury to your Annual Day? Compete in our one-of-a-kind Aqua Golf. The person who gets the ball closest to the flag on a floating platform could win a special prize.

More Than Just Games
We Offer Experiences!

Best Dive Contest
Make a splash, literally! The bigger the splash, the better the prize.
Underwater Treasure Hunt
Grab your goggles and dive in. The underwater world has treasures waiting for you. A fun-filled activity for both kids and adults.

From Quick Bites to Full Meals,
We’ve Got It All!

Enjoy hot, delicious, and crispy food. From pizzas and burgers to traditional Indian thalis, there’s something for everyone.Ice creams, pastries, and traditional Indian sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ready for the Best Day Ever?

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We Ensure a Safe and Secure
Environment for All!

Life Jackets
Mandatory for all water activities.
Trained Staff
Our staff are trained in first aid and water safety.
Clear safety instructions are displayed throughout the park. Please follow them.

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