Flyboard Show at Entartica

Get high on fun with a visually captivating experience at Entartica. Watch extreme water-air shows, laser shows, fireworks and everything amazing.

Onboard the fun with Flyboarding

Flyboarding is basically a water based sport where riders perform breathtaking acrobatic stunts into the air to perform hydroflying. These shows are the perfect flavour for a fun packed evening and catch the eyeballs of the audience. In case where flyboarding is part of events, your guests are never going to forget the experience they had.

Visually appealing

Reliable Technology

Perfect for Adventurers

Professional Riders

Types of Show

Dazzling Fireworks

Laser Light Shows

Costume Shows

Shoot up the excitement with safety

We focus just as much on the safety of the systems, riders and nearby areas, as we do on creating a astounding experience that leaves the guest in awe. The enthusiasm is passed on to the audience which ignites the fun inside them and create a magic together. This show is a real showstopper that plays with gravity and wins your heart.

Awestrucking acrobats

Costume shows

Laser light shows

Visually captivating

LED night shows

Dazzling fireworks

Firing pyro shows

Unique experience

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