Relish a memorable Lake Side experience

Entartica at Patratu Lake is the one-stop fun destination and the most happening marine getaway for family and friends.

Patratu Island Tour by Entartica

Come experience the beauty of Patratu Lake with our island tour! Hop on a relaxing boat ride to Patratu Island, surrounded by scenic views and peaceful waters. Enjoy the calmness of nature and soak in the beauty of Jharkhand’s stunning landscapes.

Join us for a memorable island adventure with Entartica!

Entartica SeaWorld at Patratu Lake, Ranchi is Lakeside Entertainment Zone where families can enjoy an array of exciting activities like River Cruise, Yacht, Jetski, Aqua Roller and more. Experience a memorable day out with your loved ones at this Amazing Location.

Carnival Games

Events On Water

Adventure Rides


Entartica Sea World
Patratu Lake Resort Boat Club, Ranchi, Jharkhand


All Days – 10 AM to 7 PM

H2O Play Park

Where the water is always fun and the excitement never ends!

This crazy marine paradise features exciting rides and multiple water experiences that speed up the enjoyment. The only problem with our water rides is that you’ll be confused about which one to choose. Each one is as adventurous as it seems to be.


Adult Pedal Boat

Pedal in a brand new way through an Adult Pedal Boat

Bump’n’Strike (Junior)

Bump into tiny boats and enjoy a mini cruising

Crazy Gear Fun (Junior)

Simple to operate and fun to ride, activate your adventurous side


Stroll across the lake and spin rocks and rolls

Roll’n’Rock Junior

Be a hydro fanatic and be all adventures

Paddle Up

Pedal in a brand new way through a water bike

Boat House

Escape to the water’s edge at your Home on the water

Hop on our collection of Luxurious Boat Rides as per your mood & occasion on outstanding Patratu Lake with amazing views. Boat House also offers a crazy collections of Tubes providing a thrilling water experience.

Regal Princess


Crown Princess


Jet Ski

Jet Ski

Jet Ski Max

Jet Ski Max

Lake Cruise

Sabarmati River Cruise,

Lake Cruise

An Ideal Spot to create special memories with friends and family

The Perfect place for get-togethers and parties, offering a variety of celebration packages to make your event unique and memorable. Get ready to take your celebrations up a notch with some crazy fun activities and a spectacular view of the lake.

Exclusive Offers

What We Offer

We work with you for everything it takes to make a luxurious and memorable event. Leaving no stones (and boats) unturned, you’ll be amazed at how mesmerising it can get.

Illuminating installations

Inflatable sit-outs

Gazebo sit-outs

Flyboard show

Mouth Watering Food

Mesmerising View


Tiki Bar

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  • Hundru Falls: 40 KM
  • Tagore Hill: 20 KM
  • Rock Garden: 25 KM

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