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Entartica's Water Sports for Your Campus

Entartica – India’s largest Water Recreation brand, now offering exclusive campus programs to infuse the fun and excitement of water sports into your educational institution. Imagine students eager for not just the weekend, but for their PE classes where they learn kayaking or water polo! Our expert trainers come equipped with high-quality gear to ensure that your students don’t just learn but also have a blast!

Why Dive in With Us?

Water sports are more than just a fantastic way to beat the heat; they offer numerous physical and mental benefits. At Entartica, we’re committed to delivering this enriching experience to your doorstep.
Certified Expert Trainers
Our trainers undergo rigorous certification processes. They are passionate educators dedicated to ensuring each student gains skills and enjoys the process.
Safety First
Safety isn’t a slogan; it’s our foundation. Our trainers adhere to global safety standards. All activities are conducted under close supervision, making the experience worry-free for administrators and parents.
Fun and Learning
Our curriculum is designed to be as entertaining as it is educational. The focus is on skill-building, teamwork, and confidence-boosting, presented in an interactive manner that keeps the students engaged.
We Manage Everything
Setting up inflatable pools, installing equipment, and the post-activity cleanup—it’s all on us. We want you to enjoy the experience without worrying about logistics.

Make Waves With These Sports

We offer a plethora of water activities suitable for all age groups and skill levels
Kayak Polo
A mix of water polo, basketball, and kayaking. It’s not just about paddling; it’s about strategy and teamwork.
RC Boating
Control miniature boats using a remote control. It’s a blend of skill and precision, but it’s also heaps of fun.
A classic, but in water! The buoyancy makes it an entirely different, and more exciting, game.

And Many More!

The list is endless. We aim to introduce new and exciting water activities regularly to keep the interest alive.

More Than Just Sports

At Entartica, we offer more than just water sports. We host team-building activities, family fun days, and special events exclusively for educational institutions. Our programs aim to build not just physical strength but also foster community spirit and mutual respect among participants.

Ready To Make a Splash?

Don’t let this incredible opportunity float away! Connect with us to bring Entartica’s world-class water sports program to your institution. Let’s work together to make water sports a part of your educational experience.

Safety Is Our Priority

When we say safety is a priority, we mean it. Our activities are structured to be kid-friendly and safe. We strictly adhere to international safety guidelines. Each student is provided with life jackets, and our pools are manned by professional lifeguards. All activities are carried out under expert supervision, ensuring parents and teachers can be stress-free.

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