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Entartica Sea World

The ultimate fun place for everyone. Come, sail your way to endless joy.

Why Entartica Sea World is the Ultimate
Water Fun Destination

Safe and Separate Tracks for RC Boat Racing
Your safety is our priority, and that’s why we’ve designed special tracks that are safe for RC Boat Racing.
Fun for All Ages
Whether you’re 8 or 80, the RC Boat Racing experience is designed to ensure everyone has a great time.
Flexible Group Bookings
Planning a day out with family, friends, or workmates? We offer group bookings to make your day special.
Multiple Locations Across India
Enjoy the same level of fun and excitement at any of our centers around India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RC Boat Racing is a remote-controlled boat race that you can enjoy on a special track.
Absolutely! We have safety measures in place to ensure everyone can join in the fun safely.
You can call us or fill an enquiry form on our website.
If you have health issues, consult a doctor before participating in any water activities.
Each session lasts about 20 minutes, but you can book multiple sessions if you want more time.
Up to 6 boats can be on the track at the same time, making it a fun group activity.
Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment.
No, for safety reasons, we only allow using our in-house boats.
Yes, we have snack counters where you can buy food and drinks.
Not at all! Our staff will give you a quick guide on how to control the boats before you start.

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