Experience Enchanting Boat Parades Show
at Entartica Sea World

Witness the Magic of Illuminated Boats on India’s Beautiful Lakes and Rivers.

Why Choose Entartica Sea World
for Boat Parades Show?

India’s Largest Water Recreation Brand, Spectacular Lakefront and Riverfront Locations, and Unmatched Water Recreational Theme Park Experience.

Attractions & Unique Experiences

Entertica Sea World is your ultimate destination for family fun and excitement. Dive into the magic with our boat parades show, where illuminated boats create a surreal ambiance. Our attractions include thrilling water rides, relaxing lakeside walks, and delicious culinary experiences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Glowing Boats

Spectacular Illuminated Boats Illuminate the Waters.

Thematic Delights
Themes Like Janmastami, Holi, Diwali, and Dussehra Bring Stories to Life.
Music & Magic
Musical Performances and Enchanting Light.
Displays Culinary Delights

Delicious Food and Beverage Options to Savour by the Water.

Our Enchanting Locations


Stay updated on our website for upcoming Boat Parade Show dates and themes.

For inquiries and reservations, please use our contact form or call our dedicated hotline.

Boat Parades Show are family-friendly, and there’s no specific age limit. All are welcome!

Dress comfortably and consider the weather. You may want to wear comfortable footwear for a memorable experience.
Yes, we provide convenient parking facilities at all our centers for your ease and comfort.

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