Thrilling Jetski & Boat Stunt Show
at Entartica Sea World

Where adventure meets your wedding dreams.

Why Entartica Sea World is Your Ultimate Destination

Turn your wedding dreams into reality with our magical and one-of-a-kind Phera/Mandap floating setup at Entartica Sea World!

India’s Number 1 Water Recreational Park
We hold the honor of being India’s top water based entertainment park. And how did we achieve this? Through constant innovation, commitment to quality, and the will to offer unparalleled water based fun to our visitors.
Adventure Meets Romance
Many places offer adventure. Others offer romantic settings. We offer both. Where else can you marry the love of your life in the morning and go on a thrilling jet ski ride in the afternoon?
Safety is a Priority
We understand that fun should never come at the expense of safety. That’s why we have lifeguards at every attraction and our equipment is checked daily.
Diverse Locations
From the historic aura of Rajsamand Lake in Rajasthan to the modern luxuries at Mayfair Lake Resort in Raipur, our varied locations mean you’ll never get bored.
Customer Satisfaction
Our aim isn’t just to be the biggest water recreation brand in India, but also the most loved one. We take every piece of feedback seriously and strive to improve every day.

Adventure Around Every Corner

Experience the Unique Thrills Only
Entartica Can Offer

Jet Ski Stunt Show
A beautiful lake as your stage, and expert jetski riders performing flips, dives, and more. It’s not just a stunt show, it’s a show that stops your heart for a second and gets it racing the next.
Boat Stunt Show
If you thought boats were just for leisurely rides, think again. Our boat stunt shows defy all norms. Watch as boats skim the water’s surface, perform 360-degree spins, and even jump off ramps. It’s a boat show like you’ve never seen before.
Jetski Entry
Always dreamed of riding a jetski? Now’s your chance. Get on one and make a grand entry, whether it’s for your wedding or just for kicks.
Jet Ski Race with Guest
Ready, set, go! Race against our expert riders or challenge your friends. Feel the thrill of speed on the water.
Weddings at Entartica
Are you planning a wedding? Why settle for a simple venue when you can get married against the backdrop of a stunning lake? At Entartica, you can not only get married but also add unique elements like a jetski or boat stunt show to make your wedding truly unforgettable.
Personalized Experiences
Want to take it a notch higher? How about a private jetski session for you and your friends? Or maybe a romantic boat ride for two after your wedding vows? At Entartica, we aim to make your visit as unique as you are.

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Absolutely! All our stunts are performed by professionals under strict safety guidelines.
Yes, make your big day even more special with a show.
Timings differ based on the center and day. Please enquire for specific times.
Our locations are easily accessible by road. We can also guide you if you call us.
Yes, from local favorites to international dishes, we’ve got it all.
Kids under 12 must be accompanied by adults for safety.
Yes, capture the fun but no flash during shows, please.
Don’t worry about your vehicle; we’ve got lots of space.
Comfort is key. Casual wear is best for all activities.

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