Experience The Calming Effect Of Yoga On The Beautiful River | Every Sunday

Yoga on Boat

Celebrate the art of fitness on the water

If you think that your fitness routine is no less than a party to your body then get on the party boat and experience the calming effect of yoga on a boat floating on the beautiful river with fun exercises like aqua cycling.

Experience this unique experience and get trained by professional yoga instructors who are experts in their field. Enjoy the exclusive yoga class on the boat with aqua cycling surrounded by the waves, sun, and fresh river breeze.

So, what are you waiting for! Join us Every Sunday at 7 am with Entartica SeaWorld, Dr Myanta and Dr Heena for this next-generation Yoga On Boat experience. Challenge yourself on the beautiful riverbanks where clear waters flow and your practice gets a perfect buoy.

Experience Yoga On Boat | Every Sunday | 7 am | With Entartica SeaWorld, Dr Myanta and Dr Heena.  Book your spot today!  Namaste!

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