Light Up Your Wedding with a
Magical Firelight and Water Show

Experience a wedding night that’s more dazzling than stars, only at Entartica Sea World.

Why Choose Entartica Sea World?

Fairytale Wedding on Water
Our venues transform into a magical world. Picture yourself exchanging vows as water fountains dance and fireworks illuminate the sky.
As Close to The Stars as You Can Get
Our Firelight show lights up the night, making it seem like the stars have descended just for your big day. It’s pure magic!
Safety First, Always
We adhere to strict safety guidelines to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy without any worries. Our crew is trained for every situation.
Tailor-Made for You
From the music playlist to the light themes, we customize every element to align with your preferences, making your day truly unique.
Expert Team
Our seasoned professionals ensure everything goes off without a hitch.
End-to-End Service
From planning to execution, we take care of all aspects of your event.
All our centers are easy to reach, making it convenient for your guests.
Value for Money
Competitive pricing ensures you get the best services without breaking the bank.

Our Centres Across India

Our centers are located at some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers across India.

What Makes Our Water Show Special?

The Dancing Waters
Our fountains are not just ordinary fountains; they move and groove to the beat of the music, adding life to your celebrations.
Lake and River Front Settings
Each of our venues offers either a lakeside or riverside view, adding a touch of natural beauty to your luxurious event.
Live Musical Performances
Our live bands and musicians set the perfect mood, playing tunes that resonate with your special moments.
Gourmet Dining Experience
Indulge in a range of culinary delights prepared by top chefs. From local favorites to international cuisines, we have it all.
Photography Services
Capture your special moments with our in-house photography services.
Eco-Friendly Practices
We take care to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing your experience.

Ready to Make Your Wedding a
Fairy Tale Come True?

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