Discovering Patratu: A Trekker’s Paradise in Ranchi

Unlock the Secrets of Patratu’s Trails & Unwind at Entartica!

Welcome to Patratu, a small but significant part of Ranchi that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty and adventurous activities. While the trekking trails of Patratu are in themselves a treat, your adventure doesn’t have to end there. With Entartica’s Patratu Lake center nearby, your trekking trip can be beautifully complemented with a splash of water-based fun. Let’s delve deeper into this perfect outdoor experience!

Why Choose Entartica For Your Next Adventure?

Entartica, India’s largest water recreation brand, has consistently delivered thrilling yet secure experiences across its multiple centers. Our Patratu Lake center is no exception. Nestled near the pristine lake, it’s a destination that takes your trekking journey from awesome to absolutely unforgettable. Imagine descending from your trek to cool off with a jet-ski ride or relax on a serene river cruise. With highly trained instructors to guide you, Entartica is the logical next step in your day full of adventure

Discover Patratu's Hidden Treasures

Patratu, often overshadowed by Ranchi’s bustling city life, is an undiscovered gem. With hills that offer various trekking trails and a lake that boasts of serene beauty, Patratu offers an escape route for every adventure seeker. The trails here are more than just dirt paths; they’re a gateway to the unexplored terrains that encapsulate a variety of flora and fauna. But remember, while the trails might take your breath away, Entartica is ready to breathe life back into your adventurous spirit.

Activities on the Trails - Amplify Your Trekking Experience: Adventure Awaits

If you think trekking around Patratu is just about walking and climbing, think again! As you plan your trip, earmark your schedule to include a visit to Entartica. Here, you can switch from trekking boots to water boots as you try activities like Aqua Roller, kayaking, or jet skiing. Each activity is designed to continue the thrill but in a different element – water. Plus, we also offer a special 60-seater river cruise that gives you a panoramic view of Patratu Lake, rounding off your day of adventure beautifully.

Must-Visit Spots Near Patratu

While the trekking trails and Entartica make for an action-packed day, the surrounding areas also offer other must-visit spots. Maa Dewri Mandir offers a spiritual respite, while Patratu Valley is a photographer’s dream come true. But let’s not forget, among these must-visit spots, Entartica stands as a beacon for those who desire a burst of adrenaline. We offer water activities suitable for all ages, making sure that no one is left out from having an amazing experience.

Conclusion - Adventure Awaits At Every Corner

The adventure in Patratu is a full-circle experience, beginning and concluding with awe-inspiring moments. The trekking trails give you a taste of untouched nature, and Entartica quenches your thirst for adrenaline-pumping activities. There’s no better way to experience the natural and adventurous sides of Patratu. So don’t wait, pack those bags and head on to a trekking trip that promises much more than just trails.

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