Creating Memories: Family Days Out at Patratu Lake with Entartica

Dive into a world of adventure and fun with your loved ones at Patratu Lake Resort Boat Club by Entartica.

Why Entartica is Your Best Bet for Family Fun in Ranchi

When you think of Ranchi, you might think of its mineral resources or factories. But Ranchi is also a treasure trove of natural beauty. Entartica makes this experience even better. Our park offers an amazing blend of thrill and relaxation. From toddlers to grandparents, there’s something for everyone.

What Awaits You at Entartica, Patratu Lake, Ranchi

Our chain has multiple centers across India, but Patratu Lake is a crown jewel. The peaceful lake and scenic surroundings make it a paradise for those looking for a quick getaway. Our doors are open from morning till evening, letting you make the most out of your day.

What Makes Us Special:

Rides and Games That Keep Everyone Happy

This ride is a heart-stopper. Get into a water roller and let the waves take you on a fun ride.
Little ones aren’t left out. They can pedal their own boat, making them feel all grown-up.
What’s more fun than bumping into each other on water? It’s safe and offers endless laughter for the kids.
Aqua cycle
Pedal on water and enjoy the scenic beauty of Patratu Lake. Great for kids and adults alike.
For those who love speed, our jet skis offer an adrenaline-pumping experience.
Fomar speed Boat
Race against your family or friends and make it a day to remember.
Enjoy a leisurely cruise on Patratu Lake, ideal for those who prefer a slower pace.

River Cruise

Got a big family or coming with a group of friends? Our 60-seater River cruise is perfect for you! With ample space and facilities, it’s like a party on water. River Cruise along while taking in the gorgeous sights of Patratu Valley.

Don't Just Stop at Entartica - Explore Ranchi

While Entartica offers endless fun and relaxation, Ranchi itself is a treasure trove of natural and cultural sites. Here are some you should not miss:

Patratu Valley

A hidden gem in Ranchi, Patratu Valley offers stunning panoramic views. Perfect for nature lovers and photographers, this valley is a haven of serenity and beauty.

Dassam Falls

This waterfall is not just a visual treat but also an adventurer’s paradise. You can go for a swim in the natural pool at the base or simply enjoy a picnic with your family.

Yogoda Satsanga Society of India - Ranchi Ashram

For those looking for spiritual rejuvenation, this ashram provides a tranquil environment for meditation and self-reflection.

Maa Dewri Mandir

This temple is a must-visit for devotees. With its rich history and calm surroundings, it offers a peaceful retreat.

Jagannath Mandir

Inspired by the famous Jagannath Temple in Puri, this temple is a cultural and architectural marvel that you shouldn’t miss.

Jonha Falls

Also known as Gautamdhara, this is another beautiful waterfall located near Ranchi. It’s particularly popular among tourists during the monsoon season.

Pahari Mandir

Situated on a hill, this temple offers breathtaking views of Ranchi. The climb up is also an experience in itself.

Deori Mandir

Located on the Ranchi-Tata Road, this temple is famous for its unique style of architecture and is a major attraction for devotees and tourists alike.

Rock Garden

Built along the lines of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, it’s a man-made marvel that offers various recreational activities.

Birsa Zoological Park

A treat for wildlife enthusiasts, this zoo houses a variety of animals and is a great place for a family outing.

Conclusion: Don't Miss Out on Entartica at Patratu Lake

Your trip to Ranchi won’t be complete without a day at Entartica, Patratu Lake. It’s more than just a day outing; it’s a memory you’ll cherish forever.

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