Best Candlelight Dinner In Ahmedabad

Are you looking for a place to celebrate your love life with your dearest one? Well, Ahmedabad is the city you should be in for the celebration of your love. Ahmedabad is a city that people call “Amdavad” in a Gujarati accent, so now it’s your turn to call out your  significant half and be in the city that offers nothing but love.

Beautiful lakes and heritage architectural wonders are some places you can visit, but these are places visited by everyone. Don’t you want to add a romantic twist to celebrating your feelings in the lovely city of Ahmedabad? You can do that by taking your dearest one for a delightful candlelight dinner.

The only thing you want to give to your lovely partner is the best of everything. Spending time with your special one, alone on a starry night with melodious romantic music, gazing into each other’s eyes in the light of a candle. Did it sound romantic enough? This is just an image that can be transformed into reality. As they all say, the road to the heart passes through the stomach, so if you are in the beautiful city of Ahmedabad, the
best thing you can do is take your lovely partner to the best candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad. What other place offers the best place for candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad than Entartica, a beautiful place to go for a lovely couple.

Let's Explore Entartica - The Best Candlelight Dinner Venue In Ahmedabad

candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad

The delight of being alone with your love is the most beautiful feeling. You giving all your love and attention to that one person is how you show your love for them. Entartica Seaworld, a wonderland in Ahmedabad, is a place that can help you make your partner feel special. While you give all your focus and attention to your partner, Entartica’s sole focus is to create a couple’s candlelight dinner, an unforgettable one.

The magical candlelight dinner where there’s only you and your dear one and no one else to disturb you. This togetherness allows you to get mesmerized by each other’s company. Entartica Seaworld gives you the same experience that will make your candlelight dinner unique, the memories of which will stay with you forever. Candlelight dinner on a floating table under the starry night, with the moon’s reflection over the beautiful river, could be the most romantic candlelight dinner you will ever have. Entractica tries to make everything memorable, from table to moments. The best way to express your feeling to your other half is by creating such moments.

What Is The Price Range For A Candlelight Dinner In Ahmedabad?

best candlelight dinner

The love couple has for each other is the most crucial thing. Nothing can match the price of your love as it is priceless, so no matter how much you are spending, it’s always going to be unique for the couple. We know that you want to give the world to the person you adore the most. But who does not want to know how much it will cost for an excellent romantic candlelight dinner?

You can take your love on an excellent candlelight dinner starting from Rs 1,900. It will include delicious delicacies at a decorated private table. This price can go up to Rs 12,000; surely this price will be more special for the lovely couple. A 4-course meal is served in a soothing ambiance with a graceful arrangement. Your evening will be filled with romance.

We know that you want to take your partner to the best place for candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad. What place is better than Entartica SeaWorld when celebrating togetherness and making the special candlelight dinner at Entartica memorable. In Entartica, you will enter a floating table walk on a red carpet holding the hands of the person who is dear to you. At the entrance, there will be 2 Pyro fireworks. The couple will get the feeling of royalty while the soothing romantic music is playing in the background, and you walk on the beautifully decorated floating boat. Now, since it’s dinner, you will get Unlimited food for both of you, just like the unlimited love you both have for each other. A cherry on the cake will be a bottle of fruit champagne, but this is not it; there will also be a cake. All this will be done for the beautiful couple by the Entartica Seaworld at Rs 14,999/-

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