We make your wedding, a Fairy tale experience on the water!

Celebrate your wedding at Entartica

If you are hunting for the perfect wedding destination, then entartica is ready to cover all your wedding functions from the start till the end of your special wedding day.

Intoduction of Entartica

The perfect blend of extravagance, grandeur and tranquillity. Surrounded by the glorious waterfront, our sprawling estate is located on an island away from all hustle-bustle yet close enough to enjoy all modern amenities.

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What We Offer

We offer eveyrthing that can make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life.

Covering your wedding from start to finish

We offer everything that will make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life.

Celebrate your musical sangeet in front of the Vatika lawn on the floating stage and dance non-stop for 3 hours. Now your DJ wale babu will not only make you dance on musical waves but on the water waves as well. We know a wedding makes people come together but who doesn’t want a healthy sangeet competition between ladki wale and ladke wale. 

The bride and groom are the main characters of the wedding story, so shouldn’t their entry be like the main character’s entry? Well, we got you covered. The boat will be decorated in your wedding colors and theme, and we will work with you to create a custom entry that is unique, elegant, and perfect for you, with Fireworks and foam gun.

The wedding starts glowing up from the moment baraat enters. Since baraatis bring the glow up to the wedding, shouldn’t they have a unique entry? Entartica fulfills this wish of yours too. We custom decorate the boats and make them match the theme of the wedding which makes the arrival of baraatis more unique and memorable.

Just your vows of togetherness with each other are everlasting and the most special words to each other, in the same way, your phera or mandap floating setup is also very special which will create everlasting memories of your wedding day. Feel the flow of love for each other on the flowing water.

Water Carnival

Do all the fun activities and make your wedding feel like a carnival where everyone is happy and having fun. At this Carnival, you can enjoy activities like Jet Sky, Yachting, Kayaking, Aqua Cycle, Basketball / Volleyball, and many more. Do Treasure Hunting and RC Boat Racing.

You may have enjoyed the normal candle-lit dinner but dining in on a jetty the level of romanticism to another level. Be with your love in peace and enjoy just each other’s company where no one can disturb you.

We know you love adventure and thrill in your life and we got you covered there as well with our Jetski and boat stunt show. Enjoy the jetski and boat stunt show with thrilling stunts never seen before. This can give you an adrenaline rush like nothing can.

Don’t you want to bring the stars to your loved ones? Well, We can bring all the stars close to you and light up the night and make it more beautiful than the shining daylight. Enjoy the colorful water show and watch the water dancing to the beats of music.

3d house

We know no place can bring you peace like your own house can and to bring you that same peace and calmness beautiful 3D houses are there. Enjoy the view of shining 3d houses on the wavy waters.

Let the whole world know about your celebration. Advertise your celebration even not just on land but even on the water so that you leave no one not knowing about your big day. Floating billboards are the innovative way of advertising that the Entartica uses so showcase your celebration in an unique way.

Places you can celebrate your wedding at




Patratu, Ranchi

Why Us for your Wedding Celebration

Entartica is the best choice for your wedding day celebration, we have everything and more to make the most special day of your life most memorable and make your celebration unique. 

Beautiful Venue

Lakeside View

Unique Arrangements

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You can host any type of event ranging from weddings, parties, corporate events and more.

We strive to provide the best services for your special day from DJ/Sangeet on the jetty with a floating stage, Bridal /Groom Boat Entry, Baraat Boat Arrival, Phera / Mandap Floating Set Up, Water Carnival, Dine in on jetty, Jetski And Boat Stunt Show, Firelight and water show, 3d house and Floating Billboards.

Yes, you can customize your package to include additional services such as a photo booth, fireworks display and more. Please contact our team for more information.

Yes, you can book everything from the venue to decoration and catering all in one place for your special day! We offer a full range of services to make sure that your dream wedding is completed according to your vision.

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