Invest in the expanding line of entertainment parks and build an asset for the future.

Franchise Model

Let’s make the Franchise business math simple for you!

We have four franchise models for you to invest in the accrescent SeaWorld business

The minimum Investment for the following are:


10 crores

Water world

5 crores

Aqua world

2.5 crores

Aqua park

1 crores

In all four formats, the franchisee will own the business, and the company will operate the business. Choose from the four franchises mentioned above models and join the club of investors ready to invest in the future and grow together. For more details, get in touch with us and let’s take this discussion forward.


water park with fun slides

Sea World

If you have a big budget to invest in, we have a SeaWorld plan for you. The minimum Investment for Sea World is 10 crores. SeaWorld will include everything– The best of SeaWorld’s. It will be the area of maximum activity zone which will become a hub that attracts tourists and locals.

Water World

The minimum Investment for Water World is 5 crores. Our average plan includes Water World, another version of SeaWorld but subordinate. The area will be a zone with the potential to invite people from the city.

water park with fun slides
water park with fun slides

Aqua World

The minimum Investment for Aqua World is 2.5 crores. Less Investment, more ROI. It is the smaller version of SeaWorld and Water world and equally profitable.

Aqua Park

The minimum amount required to invest in the expanding business of Aqua Park is 1 crore. This park will host all the water activities and rides: less Investment but high Return On Invest.

water park with fun slides

Our franchise models are mentioned above and join the club of investors ready to invest in the future and grow together. Get in touch with us for more details, and let’s take this discussion forward.

Grab The Benefits

Franchise Owned Company Operated

In the FOCO model, Entarctica will rent out its Brand Name to its Franchise operator for the non-refundable Franchise fee they invest into the company for an agreed time interval.

Low Investment High ROI

Choose from our four franchise business models and Invest in plans that suit your budget. Witness the impeccable growth and high return on investment in a short duration

Expert Support System

Become a part of the Entartcia franchise, where you own the business, and we operate it on your behalf. Choose an investment plan and get your feet wet in India’s expanding line of entertainment parks.

Professional Staff Training

We train our staff so you don’t waste time finding the right fit for your business to serve your customers better.  We train our staff for safety and to enhance customer experience.

Be a Franchise

Join the Entartica Seaworld family and enjoy massive margins and impeccable growth every day. Invest in the tried-tested, high ROI-driven business model and become a part of it.

Let's Build Something Big

Waterfronts carry a huge potential to be transformed into social and cultural heritage hubs to attract individuals from the cities and additionally vacationers to spend time. The transformation of these natural reservoirs is being taken into consideration to change the look of the underutilized area into a thriving center of tourists, society, and company. Entarctica Seaworld has built four franchise models for you to invest in the accrescent SeaWorld business

Growth and development are promised at every stage.

It will increase job opportunities for locals. It will be a portal to new recreational opportunities for locals.

Source of revenue for the government. A great opportunity to contribute to the development and GDP of our country.

It will draw more businesses and investment opportunities. It will also raise the total valuation of the nearby lands.

Development of tourism and much more. It will convert an unexplored portion into a waterfront that can become a mainstream of public activities.

Our Presence and Future Plans

water park with fun slides

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