Makar Sankranti:The Symbolic Significance of Kite Flying During Uttarayan Festival

The International Kite Festival 2023 is renowned as one of the biggest festivals of Gujarat. International Kite festival is also known as Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti in Gujarat. It is a day celebrated by the people to cheer at the end of winter. Uttarayan festival is one of the most important occasions for Indians. Makar Sankranti signifies the change of the winter season into summer and the harvesting season for the farmers also begins. So, Uttarayan festival is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals and is celebrated with much enthusiasm within the Gujarat community.

History of the International Kite Festival Uttarayan

The art or hobby of kite flying was taken over as a major sport by kings and then by the Nawabs, who found it highly entertaining and as a means to compete and display their strength. Henceforth, kite flying became a serious game with many different types of kites beginning to be made and with special strings to compete viciously. Chinese traders and pilgrims also brought in the tradition coming in from Tibet.

However, since Gujarat has been a center of trading activity and a place for blending Hindu and Muslim cultures, kite flying is taken and celebrated with much enthusiasm. It is now being celebrated as the observance of the Hindu Uttarayan festival.

Celebration of International Kite Festival 2023

The kite flying is led from Ahmedabad, Capital city of Gujarat where the skies are seen with kites from dawn till dusk. Ahmedabad gets soaked in a whole new burst of colors during the International Kite Festival 2023. Visitors from across the world come especially during this time to witness and participate in the international kite festival at Ahmedabad.

Expert kite makers and kite flyers from India and across the globe are invited or hired to show their skills and expertise.

You can also enjoy the Flower Show in Ahmedabad which is just 200 meters ahead of Entartica Seaworld. The visitors will be surrounded by the color & fragrance of the freshly blossoming flowers at Riverfront flower show in Ahmedabad.

 Enjoy Water Sports Ride At International Kite Festival 2023

If you are visiting the International Kite festival 2023 with friends & family, then you can enjoy water sports rides at Entartica Seaworld.

Entartica Sea World, Riverside waterfront entertainment zone in Ahmedabad, is located on the banks of Sabarmati river. It is India’s largest Water sports & Water Recreational Brand and are pioneers in the development of fun concepts on water.

So, you don’t have to go anywhere.You can enjoy a water sports ride while visiting the International Kite Festival 2023 & Flower show in Ahmedabad.

water tours
jet ski ride

Entartica Sea World offers a wide range of entertainment options like River Cruise, Yacht, Jetski, Aqua Roller, Aqua Cycle, Speed Boat and more. You can have a complete family experience while visiting the International Kite Festival.

You can experience the thrilling ride on a Speed Boat at Entartica Sea World. Bayliner is the perfect way to enjoy the grandeur of Sabarmati River. Aqua water Rollers at Entartica Sea World are very amazing and thrilling. Kids can enjoy a fun ride in a Pedal Boat on the Sabarmati river. Aqua Cycle is an excellent interactive ride for families to enjoy the water.

Yacht ride is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of Sabarmati river. You can also relish the thrill of riding in a pontoon boat with your friends & family.You can enjoy the stunning views of Sabarmati River from the comfort of a cruise. You can zip through the waters on a jet ski with your loved ones.

luxury speed boats

While having fun at International Kite Festival, if you want to enjoy delicious dishes at Sabarmati Riverfront, Entartica sea World has the perfect options for you.

Entartica Sea world has a food court inside the park serving Indian and international cuisine to cater to the varied taste buds of visitors.

riverside food entertainment

Party boat at Entartica sea World is the best option to celebrate your Birthday while visiting the International Kite Festival 2023. Enjoy the food and drinks while you cruise down the Sabarmati River on the party boat. The promenade at Entartica Sea World offers a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of Sabarmati River.

water party

Entartica Sea World is the only rooftop venue in Ahmedabad which provides an excellent view of Sabarmati Riverfront. So, you can plan for your corporate events, weddings, pre wedding photoshoot while adoring the captivating views of the International Kite Festival.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to the International Kite Festival 2023 and also enjoy a fun filled day out with friends and family at Entartica Sea World.

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